Hi everyone,

 we are RubberBlackArt and Snow White, a married couple from the lovely german capital Berlin. Since an early age we were involved with everything related to art: drawing, making music, writing, filming, etc. Since quite a time, we´ve discovered the beautiful fetish scene for us. We love getting into a nice, sexy outfit and do some modeling, no matter if it´s a catwalk or a gorgeous photo-shooting. Since we just started, we´re always on the hunt for new stuff for our portfolio. If you wanna do a nice product-shooting or if you wanna book us for a fashion show, just get in contact with us. We´re quite relaxed and easy to talk to, at least, that´s what most of the people are saying. Seems like we´re not from the typical unkind german nature. 😉

And if you would like to have a stunning drawing of yourself or your loved ones in a sexy outfit, just let Snow White do her magic. Which lady doesn´t like a nice drawing of her own Godessness?!

So, we would love to hear from you.